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All About Doris' Wig Boutique

Meet Linda White of Doris' Wig Boutique!

Linda White has been the owner/operator of Doris' Wig Boutique since 1991.
In addition to 20 years of experience with all styles of wigs and wig materials,
Linda is also a licensed cosmetologist who can cut, texturize and style your wig to achieve the very best look and feel.

Helping women who suffer hair loss due to health conditions or medical treatments is what Linda does best. Linda works with women who suffer hair loss due to radiation, chemotherapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania and more.

Personal service and extensive expertise with wigs, hairpieces and headwear allows Linda to choose the right solution for your individual needs. Ladies who will undergo radiation or chemotherapy are invited to come in a select a wig that matches their current hair style before treatments begin.

We ask all clients to call for an appointment to allow time for personal attention. Consultations are free of charge, and Linda will be happy to take time to explore all the choices available to you in wigs, hats, scarves and turbans!


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Michele H. - 12/2012
My mom was in town and needed some assistance with her hair loss.
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We were new to the process of hair pieces. When we walked in Linda's customer was smiling ear to ear. She looked amazing and had just had her hair styled. We were amazed at how good she looked. Once my mom sat down she gave her the same quality attention. Linda had a lot of ideas and different ways to go. You can tell how much she knows about this business. The most important thing that she knows is how to care for her customers. Many stopped in during our time there to pick up some items. Everyone looked great. After our time at the shop we went out to lunch. It was great to see my mom happy and confident. Linda gave us instructions and helped us understand how to care for the piece. We recommend Doris' Wig Boutique. You will be very pleased when you leave and will come back as a ongoing customer.

Sheri H.
When googling for a wig store after my cancer diagnosis, Doris' shop came up.
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I read the reviews and they were all outstanding. I concur. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, and by having my app t. set up in advance, she was discreet. Very kind and helpful and reasonable in price. I would recommend her to everyone!

first class busness I have been shopping at this store for several years,
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I have always been treated like I was her most important customer. I have watched as she has added other customers and he always give 100% attention I value her judgement .

Highly Recommended wig shop
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My mother was recently diagnosed with Breast cancer at age 58. After talking to the oncologist's we knew that she was going to need a wig, due to the Chemotherapy that where going to make her hair fall out. We where very scared not knowing what was going to happen, what we needed to do and if we where going to be able to find a wig that she would feel good with. My sister called Doris' Wig Boutigue and got an appointment for that weekend. My mother, sister and I went from North of the River to Overland park, thinking that we have all day to find a Wig for our mom. Once we got to Doris' Wig Boutique, we knew we wheren't going to have to go anywhere else. My mother tried on so many wigs and had a lot to choose from. This wig Boutique had tons of wigs, hats, scarves etc. There was so many options and they had everything we could possibly need for the upcoming adventure that life was bringing. We walked away very happy. God directed us to a place that I would recommend anyone going through Chemo to go to. We now have everything my mom needs for her hair loss. One stop and very affortable. We have realized through all of this, that there are still great people that still care about others. I just can't say enough. This place is great.

Best around when a wig becomes necessary for breast cancer
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I could not have been happier with the owner of this shop as she worked with me selecting a wig for when my hair would be gone. She was kind, empathetic, had worked with many others in my situation. She was patient as it was hard making this decision (I think I went back 3 times just to make sure). The quality of the wig was wonderful, looked just like my hair, and served me well during my "bald" days. Thanks for understanding.

Great Service. Very nice and helpful, and good prices.
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We had already purchased a wig from another shop, but we were sold the wrong size. (My mother was getting headaches from her wig being too tight and thought that was just normal.) The lady at Doris' realized this and even though she had the opportunity, was too nice to say anything bad about the other shop. She offered to try to fix the wig(and did--stretched and restyled), and we bought another wig of better quality from Doris'. It cost us less to fix the old wig. plus purchase a HIGHER QUALITY wig and shampoo than what it cost for just the wig from the first shop. WE ARE VERY HAPPY A++ BUSINESS!!